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Defender Motorcycle riding boot is specialized type of footwear designed to provide protection, comfort, and functionality for motorcyclists. These boots are an essential component of a rider’s protective gear, serving multiple purposes beyond just regular footwear. It has been designed with the purpose to enhance safety, offer superior grip and control, and provide protection from various hazards encountered while riding motorcycles.


  • Premium Microfiber Leather: Made of High-quality Premium Microfiber leather specially made for riding boots.
  • Anti-Slip Sole: Ride with unwavering grip and stability with advanced anti-slip soles.
  • Breathable: It has breathable lining for enhanced ventilation and the perfect blend of comfort and performance.
  • Anti-Bacterial: Anti-bacteria treatment is done to the liners used in the shoes which helps control odour and reduces the risk of infections by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi, promoting foot hygiene and comfort. 
  • Shin Protection: defender boots come with Shin protection panel which provides vital shielding against impact, abrasions, and potential injuries, ensuring a safer and more secure experience for riders.
  • Ankle Protection: It comes with Thermoformed ankle protection with TPR branding logo which protects your ankle against the twist or Impact and safeguard your ankle against various manoeuvres and conditions while on ride. 
  • Thermoformed toe Protection: It comes with hard Thermoformed toe protection which protects your toe from unwanted impact, abrasion, and potential injuries.
  • YKK Zipper: YKK Zippers & runners are used for smooth functioning and longer life of shoes. 
  • Walkable: Shoes is designed to give feasibility to riders to walk around easily once they are of the bike.
  • Reflectors: 3M reflectors are used on the back portion of the shoes for maximum visibility during night rides.
  • Dust-Grime protection: Microfiber leathers used in the boot are easy to clean and gives protection against the dust and grime 
  • Light Weight: Defender boots are extremely light weight which makes it very comfortable to the riders to walkaround without any struggle once they are off the bike.
  • Orthopaedic Gel Pad: Orthopaedic Gel padded insole are used to give better cushioning and shock absorption to our feet which are quite comfortable for longer rides.
  • Gear shift panel: Gear Shift Panel gives extra protection & rigidity while shifting gears.



Vikram Yadav
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Sturdy, comfortable, and reliable; a must-have for any serious rider. Highly recommended for both amateurs and pros.
Amit Tiwari
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Defender Boots provide excellent ankle support and grip. Perfect for off-road adventures. Durable and stylish!
Ananya Mishra
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Impressive quality! These boots offer great protection without compromising on style. Worth every penny.
Rohan Mehta
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Comfortable fit, durable build. Ideal for long rides, even in challenging terrains. Highly satisfied!
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